Seo Specialists team up

Norwich SEO specialists team up to boost local businesses


Two Norwich-based creative professionals have joined forces to strengthen their joint aim of placing client companies under the virtual spotlight to help them win more customers and boost profits.

Ross Maxwell, owner of Norfolk Web Support, and Sheree Hanna, Freelance Writer and Editor of Business Showcase, are both based in Hellesdon, Norwich.

The two experts advocate that in today’s highly-competitive, internet-driven markets, all businesses must have a shop window on line, or risk failure to succeed.

Increasing traffic to client’s websites requires not only eye-catching and innovative design and strong visuals, but also engaging and compelling content aimed at maximising site visits.

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Shoe box bookkeeping gets the boot

Gasps of disbelief resounded around some of the networking meetings I have attended this past month, along with many bewildered glances around the room and plenty of shuffling in seats.

This was the reaction from many small business owners who were hearing for the first time that HMRC is expecting them all to deliver their book keeping on line, at least four times a year from April 2018.

The days of shoving receipts in a shoe box and shoddy filing systems only sorted out as tax returns’ deadline looms will soon be a thing of the past.

For most people, including the self-employed, the only information they really register during a Budget announcement is what is going to impact their pocket straightaway such as the cost of living, tax allowance thresholds and the price of a pint.

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