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logoI am the daughter of parents who for many years successfully ran their own small retail business. In order to start it, they scrimped and saved and worked hard to raise the capital required to secure premises and buy stock.

They began with one shop and eventually expanded to three outlets. My mother, a born saleswoman, did all the buying and selling while my father, who had a head for figures and hands for maintenance, did the book keeping and any practical tasks that needed doing.

In the early years of the business I was still at school. And while many of our friends and family naturally assumed when I was old enough that I would follow my parents into their business, they both did a good job of dissuading me.

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Lord Sugar and spice, and all things nice....

By total coincidence I was invited to a direct selling party last week on the same day that one of the industry’s leading magazines published its 2016 Global 100 of top companies.

Direct selling remains a mega buck industry, now globally worth $182.8 billion although like most retailers it is increasingly seeing its market share being nibbled away by the mighty internet.

However, as a business it has come a long way from the 1960's when every housewife worth her salt either threw a Tupperware party or at least had her cupboards stacked full of the handy plastic containers.

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Clouting conflict in the workplace

You are at work when suddenly all hell breaks loose and you feel as if you are standing at the centre of your own personal Armageddon.

The boss is shouting at you so loudly that within a nanosecond eyes emerge from behind every screen in the office and lock on to you in anticipation of your response.

A wave of different emotions flood your body and you will either glare in anger at the offending individual ready to give as good as you get; run from the room to hide your upset and embarrassment or freeze to the spot as your brain rotates madly in your skull searching for the right response.

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