Words are as important to your business as capital. You will be hard-pressed to find customers if a) you don’t have enough funding to launch your enterprise in the first instance, or keep it running in the long term and b) if you can’t find the words to get your all-important message across.

Big businesses already know the importance of maintaining a high profile through marketing, and therefore budget accordingly, to ensure they can communicate effectively.

They also know that outsourcing to the experts will realise a good ROI in the long term.

Telling your story, showing readers you are an expert in what you do, and promoting your services and products all require the written word.

Here at Business Showcase (Publications and Editorial Services) we can do it for you in a variety of ways:

editorial services


Since when did starting up a business mean you have to be a competent writer too? Or a social media whizz? And, equally for larger companies without their own communications department, who has the time to write a blog?

In this digital age, blogging has become as vital as arteries are to the heart for not only talking to your customers but keeping them as well.

Pumping out an ill-considered blog once a week or month can be more damaging than engaging. So why not leave it to the experts to provide you with the crisp, concise and relevant copy you need?

Feature Articles/Press Releases

Do you have some news you want to tell the world about? Are you expanding? Hiring more people? Launching a new product/service?

We can find the right angle for your story to hook the press and win you that all-important free space on a page, giving your business profile a massive public boost.

Hold the front page

We have people who have worked in the newspaper industry, which means that we know if you have a ‘good story’ to interest news desks on all manner of publications.

That story might be right under your nose but you just haven’t spotted it. That’s our skill and we are happy to share it with you.

Website Words

Your website is the window to a world of opportunity, but without the relevant words on it you might as well shut the door on that thought right now.

Not only does your website need to explain clearly and succinctly what you’re bringing to the market, it must also act as a key to unlock the potential of a huge variety of customers, who need you, but simply can’t find you yet.

This is a SEO – Save your website from disappearing without trace!

Key words is something of a catch phrase these days, as content marketers will be keen to advise you, and rightly so, that without Search Engine Optimisation – or an SEO-driven website – you may as well throw away the key to your own success.

It might sound like a lot of gobbledegook to you, but if it does give us a call and we will gladly find the right the words to unlock your cyber-shop and, like a magnet, attract lots of customers.

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