Do you know how to use you’re and your? How good are you with apostrophes? Are you focused or focussed on spelling it the right way?

When you attend meetings, interviews or presentations do you dress to impress? Making the right impression in business is essential and it’s generally frowned upon if people turn up dishevelled or wearing inappropriate clothing – you might make a lasting impression, but for all the wrong reasons.pagedesign res

Making the edits

The same is true of your written communications. People are quick to judge and will assume you can’t cut the mustard if, for example, you don’t know how many r’s and s’s there are in embarrassed – and that’s a feeling you most definitely want to avoid.

Our sub-editing and proofreading services aim to ensure any type of copy is clean of errors for any sort of publication. So if you need our help dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s our grammar gurus will gladly assist.

Designs on making your publications look great

We are pleased to say that words are not all we have to take your breath away! We also possess great page design skills.

Striking, attractive and engaging design not only holds a reader’s attention but makes it easy to navigate the page.

Combining pictures and words in a way that stops a reader in their tracks is what we like to do. Take a look at our portfolio and we think you will agree.

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